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 Repair Parts CNC Control Components October 2016
Comp​onent Des​crip​tion Part Num​ber Pri​ce
OmniTurn G4 CNC New Generation (G4) CNC
5hp (with exchange)
915​-16​-101 Call for
spe​cial pri​cing
New Generation (G4) CNC
C-Axis (with exchange)
965​-16​-101 Call for
spe​cial pri​cing

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OmniTurn LCD Monitor Kit
LCD Monitor

NOTE: To use LCD monitor with older motherboard requires ISA or PCI video card (VGA). These cards are no longer being made. Call for options.

995​-16​-019 $4​30

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Motherboard for OmniTurn G4 CNC
Motherboard complete (G4 CNC)
(with exchange)


NOTE: Special cable 995-07-425 is necessary for some older motherboards in machines that have expanded I/O or a loader. Have your CNC serial number ready when you order to determine if you need this cable.

995​-17​-015 $4​75

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TF486 Motherboard for OmniTurn G2 or G3 CNC
Motherboard complete (G3 CNC) 995​-17​-010 $5​95
ATX Computer Power Supply for OmniTurn G4 CNC ATX Power Supply (G4 CNC) 995​-16​-020 $75
AT Computer Power Supply for OmniTurn G3 CNC AT Power Supply (G3 CNC) 995​-16​-009 $75

Click image for more infoOil Reistant Keyboard for OmniTurn CNC

IP68 Medical Grade Keyboard Oil Resistant - Made in USA 995​-16​-001 $2​95

Click image for more infoAuxiliary Power Supply kit for G2 or G3 OmniTurn CNC

Auxiliary Power Supply Kit
For older G3 CNC only

(Provides higher 12VDC for more reliable collet-closer operation)
995​-09​-004 $50
Servo Amplifier for OmniTurn CNC OmniTurn Servo Amp, w/exchange 995​-16​-007 $5​25
Servo Amplifier for OmniTurn CNC AMC Servo Amp, w/exchange
For old-style G2 & G3 CNC
995​-16​-002 $2​50
Motion Control Card (MC2) for OmniTurn CNC MC2 Exchange Reforbished 995​-49​-001 $1,​000
MC2-B Exchange Reforbished 995​-49​-004 $1,​000
Servo Motor Thermal Overload for OmniTurn CNC Servo Motor Thermal Overload
(G4 & late G3 CNC)
995​-15​-015 $10
Refurbished Axis Motor Thermal Overload for OmniTurn G3 CNC (pre-2007)W43 heater for AB Thermal Overload for OmniTurn G3 CNC (pre-2007) Thermal Overload w/Heater (refurb)
(G3 CNC pre-2007)
995​-15​-017 $85
W43 Heater Only (new)
(G3 CNC pre-2007)
995​-15​-007 $45
Ice cube relay for OmniTurn CNC and spindle drive 12VDC Relay (3-pole
(Used everywhere except on latest spindle-drive circuit board))
999​-15​-005 $16

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Solid state SATA hard drive for OmniTurn G4 CNC
Solid-state SATA Hard Drive
(For G4 CNC)
995​-09​-006 $1​25
Solid state hard drive for OmniTurn CNC Solid-state IDE Hard Drive
(for G3 or G4 CNC
995​-09​-003 $1​25
Monographic video card for G2 or G3 Omniturn CNC Monochrome Video Card
(For G2 or G3 w/Amber CRT Monitor)
995​-17​-009 $82
OmniTurn Programming and Maintenance Manual OmniTurn Programming & Service Manual (Specify G3 or G4)
Download older (G3) manual
Download current (G4) manual
999​-59​-001 $50

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USB Floppy Drive Emulator
USB Floppy Drive Emulator
(Provides USB compatibility for old-style CNC)
995​-16​-022 $1​50

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Armature Relay Kit
Armature Relay Kit
(For pre-1998 GT-75 only)
Prevents slide movement if control is shut off w/o first engaging E-Stop.
995​-09​-001 $60
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