OmniTurn CNC Control Components April 2016
Component Description Part Number Price
OmniTurn G4 CNC
New Generation (G4) CNC
5hp (with exchange)

New Generation (G4) CNC
C-axis (with exchange)

Call for special pricing

Call for special pricing
Click image for more info OmniTurn LCD Monitor Kit

LCD Monitor

NOTE: To use LCD monitor with older motherboard requires ISA or PCI video card (VGA). These cards are no longer being made. Call for options.


Click image for more info Motherboard for OmniTurn G4 CNC

Motherboard complete, G4 CNC
(with exchange)

NOTE: Must update software if
changing from fan to fanless


TF486 Motherboard for OmniTurn G2 or G3 CNC
Motherboard, complete G3 CNC 995-17-010 $595
ATX Computer Power Supply for OmniTurn G4 CNC
ATX Power Supply (G4 CNC) 995-16-020 $75
AT Computer Power Supply for OmniTurn G2 or G3 CNC
AT Power Supply (G3 CNC) 995-16-009 $75
Click image for more infoOil Reistant Keyboard for OmniTurn CNC

IP68 Medical Grade Keyboard
Oil Resistant - Made in USA


Click image for more infoAuxiliary Power Supply kit for G2 or G3 OmniTurn CNC

Auxiliary Power Supply Kit
For older G3 CNC only

(Provides higher 12VDC for more reliable collet-closer operation)


Servo Amplifier for OmniTurn CNC

OmniTurn Servo Amp, w/exchange


Old-style servo amp for OmniTurn CNC

AMC Servo Amp, w/exchange
(For old-style G2 & G3 CNC)


Motion card for G2 or G3 OmniTurn CNC

MC2 Exchange Refurbished

MC2-B Exchange Refurbished




Axis Motor Thermal Overload for OmniTurn G4 & late G3 CNC

Axis Motor Thermal Overload
(G4 and late G3 CNC)


Refurbished Axis Motor Thermal Overload for OmniTurn G3 CNC (pre-2007)New W43 Heater for OmniTurn G3 CNC (pre-2007)

Thermal Overload w/Heater (refurb)
W43 Heater Only (new)

(G3 CNC pre-2007)


Ice cube relay for OmniTurn CNC and spindle drive

12V Relay (3-pole)
(Used everywhere except latest
spindle-drive circuit board)


Click image for more infoSolid state SATA hard drive for OmniTurn G4 CNC

Solid-state SATA Hard Drive
(For G4 CNC)


Solid state hard drive for OmniTurn CNC

Solid-state Hard Drive
(For G3 or G4 CNC)


Monographic video card for G2 or G3 Omniturn CNC

Monochrome Video Card
(For G3 w/Amber CRT Monitor)


OmniTurn Programming and Maintenance Manual

OmniTurn Programming & Service
Manual (Specify G3 or G4)
Download older (G3) manual
Download current (G4) manual


Click image for more infoUSB Floppy Drive Emulator

USB Floppy Drive Emulator
(Provides USB compatibility
for old-style CNC)


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