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Buying a used OmniTurn?
We're here to help you get up and running safely!

Because factory-installed safety equipment may be missing or defective on used machinery, please inspect your used machine carefully to see that all safety equipment is properly installed and operational before you begin making parts.

Here's what to look for:

Palm Box on GT-Jr 1. Verify that the dual palm-button operator's station is installed and functional: cycle should not start unless both palm-buttons on operator's station are fully depressed.
Palm Box: 998-00-000, $395
G3 CNC 2. Early CNC's had one cycle-start button on front-panel: pressing this button should NOT start the cycle (it is only used for bench-testing).
G4 CNC 3. Current CNC's have two cycle-start buttons on front-panel: cycle should not start unless BOTH cycle-start buttons are fully depressed.
GT75 Door 4. The sliding door on front of GT-75 is interlocked: cycle will not start if door is open; if door is opened during cycle, cycle will stop.
Door Interlock Switch Kit: 691-09-100, $125
GT-Jr Splash Guard 5. The splash-guard on GT-Jr is interlocked: cycle will not start if guard is lifted; if lifted during cycle, cycle will stop.
GT-Jr Splash Guard: 593-11-001, $85
GT-Jr Splash Guard Interlock Switch Kit: 593-09-100, $150
GT-Jr Hatch 6. The motor-compartment access hatch on GT-Jr is interlocked: cycle will not start if hatch is open; if hatch is opened during cycle, cycle will stop.
Hatch Interlock Switch Kit: 691-09-100, $125

Before buying a used Omniturn GT series machine or attachment from any dealer or end user, contact the Omniturn factory at 541-332-7004 or By supplying serial numbers, you can get the machine history and talk to a knowledgeable technician.

It is important that you achieve the safety, speed, accuracy, and reliablity that OmniTurn is known for.

Go to our repair parts section to get an idea of what it may cost to replace any worn components.
Current and legacy manuals are available on the CNC Repair Parts page.

Inquire about available factory refurbished machines that we may have from time to time.

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