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Hard Drive Setup Disk for "G3" CNC's (pre-2009)

The OmniTurn Factory Setup Disk (V3.3.6) allows installation of standard spindle drive or Baumuller C-Axis spindle drive software onto the older "G2" and "G3" OmniTurn CNCs only. Not for Indramat or Yaskawa C-Axis CNC or latest "G4" CNC: Go back to Software Downloads page and re-select.

If you have USB Floppy Emulator click here

To create hard drive setup floppy disk for OmniTurn CNC hard drive:

  1. Download HDSU336.EXE to your desk-top computer (must have floppy drive capability).
  2. Open hdsu336.exe (double-click on it, or right-click on it then click OPEN): A dialog box will open, explaining that OmniTurn Hard Drive Setup Disk will be created; click OK
  3. A second box will appear, reminding you to insert floppy in drive A: of your desktop computer
  4. Put a floppy disk into drive A: of your desktop computer, then click OK to create dard drive setup disk.
  5. Backup all your program files and tool offset files before proceding!

Put this setup disk in your OmniTurn and power up.

NOTE: OmniTurn CMOS boot-sequence must be set to A:C: (For ZF Micro, move "Removable" to top of list)

To setup your new hard drive (see menu below)

To write hard drive setup to thumb drive in USB Floppy Emulator:

NOTE: If you purchased your Floppy Emulator from OmniTurn, the update software is installed on the thumbdrive that came with your emulator. Skip to Setup the Hard Drive below.

  1. Download IMAGES.EXE to your desk-top computer. Drag it to "Images" folder on Desktop. Create new folder if necessary.
  2. Open images.exe to extract all image files to the Images folder.
  3. Run USB Floppy Manager. (If not installed, Download and install this software).
  4. Write the 7-genhd.img file to disk 007 of the thumbdrive. (Complete instructions in this pdf.)
  5. Set OmniTurn power off.

To setup the hard drive on your OmniTurn from USB Emulator:

  1. Backup all your program files and tool offset files before starting!
  2. Set OmniTurn power on.
  3. During power-up, repeatedly press the Del key to enter CMOS setup.
    (For ZF-Micro motherboards press F2 key instead).
  4. At CMOS setup screen navigate to "Boot Sequence" and set to A: C:
    (For ZF-Micro mb, move "Removable" to top of list).
  5. Set floppy emulator display to 007
  6. Press F10 key to save and exit CMOS
  7. OmniTurn will reboot, and prompt you to setup Indramat hard drive. This disk will format your OmniTurn hard drive, then reinstall all files necessary for the Indramat C-Axis system.
  8. When process is complete, set power OFF, then ON, and enter CMOS setup and change Boot Sequence back to C: A: (For ZF-Micro, move "Hard drive" back to top of list).
  9. After reboot, a menu of choices will appear on your OmniTurn CNC screen.

To setup your new hard drive (see menu below)

  1. Select the type of spindle drive on your OmniTurn:
    Select #4 if you have an inverter drive on attachment (a retrofit on Hardinge®-type lathe)
    Select #5 if your attachment has collet closer lubrication
    Select #6 if you have an inverter drive on GT-75 or GT-Jr
    Select #8 if you have Baumuller C-Axis drive
  2. After selecting appropriate setup for your OmniTurn, the control will reboot and display the OmniTurn CNC "splash" screen.

OmniTurn Factory Menu
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