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Hard Drive Setup Disk for "G3" CNC's (pre-2009)
The OmniTurn Factory Setup Disk (V3.3.6) allows installation of standard spindle drive or Baumuller C-Axis spindle drive software onto the older "G2" and "G3" OmniTurn CNCs only. Not for Indramat or Yaskawa C-Axis CNC or latest "G4" CNC: Go back to Software Downloads page and re-select.

To make setup disk for OmniTurn CNC hard drive:Version 3.3.6

  1. Download HDSU336.EXE to your desk-top computer (must have floppy drive capability).
  2. Open hdsu336.exe (double-click on it, or right-click on it then click OPEN): A dialog box will open, explaining that OmniTurn Hard Drive Setup Disk will be created; click OK
  3. A second box will appear, reminding you to insert floppy in drive A:
  4. Put a floppy disk into drive A: then click OK to create Hard Drive Setup Disk OmniTurn CNC.

Put this setup disk in your OmniTurn and power up.
(NOTE: OmniTurn CMOS boot-sequence must be set to A:C:)
It is a boot-disk; it will format the hard drive and create the directory structure, then install all necessary files.
After installation, a menu of choices will appear on your OmniTurn CNC screen. The menu is illustrated below.

To setup your new hard drive (see menu below)

  1. Select #4 if you have an inverter drive on attachment (a retrofit on Hardinge®-type lathe)
    (NOTE: Select #5 if your lathe has collet closer lubrication)
    Select #6 if you have an inverter drive on GT-75 or GT-Jr
    Select #8 if you have Baumuller C-Axis drive
  2. After selecting appropriate setup for your OmniTurn, the control will reboot and display the OmniTurn CNC "splash" screen.

OmniTurn Factory Menu

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