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CPC Connector Pin-outs

Two varieties of the Amp Circular Polarized Connectors (CPC) are used on the OmniTurn CNC and electronics cabinets. The pin numbers for these connectors are shown in the pictures below.

The 14-pin female bulkhead connector is used on all OmniTurn CNCs, for axis motors, spindle encoder and Misc cable. G4 CNC’s also use the 14-pin female connector for Operator’s Station and (optional) C-pulse cable. Legacy OmniTurns use the 14-pin female bulkhead connector for Operator’s Station connection to the spindle electronics cabinet.

14 Pin Female Bulkhead

CPC-14F bulkhead

14 Pin Male Cable

CPC-14M cable

14 Pin Male Cable (back)

CPC-14M cable backside

The 16-pin female bulkhead connector is only used for the optional OmniTurn ZipLoader spindle cable, and for the optional Additional I/O Interface. When either of these options is installed, the male bulkhead connector is mounted on the spindle cabinet door

16 Pin Male Bulkhead

CPC 16M bulkhead

16 Pin Male Bulkhead

CPC 16M bulkhead backside

16 Pin Female Cable

CPC 16F cable
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