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OmniTurn Automatic Bar Loader

OmniTurn ZipLoader on GT-75 and on GT-Jr





Automatic bar loader!
Loads bar for machining and cutoff; pushes more bar for next part.
At end of bar, ZipLoader ejects remnant and loads new bar.
Tray holds 40 half inch bars for hours of un-attended operation.

Automatic shaft loader!
Loads part for machining and locks it in collet.
Then it ejects finished part, gets next part.

Handles bars or parts from 1-1/2 to 26 inches long,
from 0.090″ to 1 inch diameter.*
Optional hopper available

*0.090″ requires optional thin escapement

Rear-qualify feature allows trimming to ±0.002″

Rear Qualify

Video shows one inch long cylinders escaped from optional hopper onto ZipLoader infeed "vee". The cylinders are then trimmed to length ±0.002″. The overall length is established by a hard stop on the rodless cylinder body, and a spring-loaded stop on the OmniTurn tooling plate. The rodless cylinder stops against the shot-pin, and the spring-loaded stop holds the part against the pusher.

OmniTurn ZipLoader Plan Views on GT-75 and GT-Jr OmniTurn ZipLoader Plan View on GT-75 OmniTurn ZipLoader Plan View on GT-Jr
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