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Wiring RTC Rodless Cylinder Sensors in ZipLoader PLC

Because Rexroth replaced the “RM” style rodless cylinder with the “RTC”, all four sensors must be changed when replacing the cylinder.

The new sensors have three wires, whereas the old sensors had only two. The blue wire from each sensor must be connected to the 24V terminals.

The black wire on each sensor is connected to the input (‘X-number’) and the brown wire is connected to 0V, which is opposite from original switches.

Click on the picture below that matches your PLC to view re-wiring details. At the bottom of each page is a button that allows download of a printable PDF version of the wiring instructions. The instructions guide you through how to rewire the PLC for the new sensors.

PLC 20 in 8x10 box

PLC-20: 8x10 box

PLC 30 in 8x10 box

PLC-30: 8x10 box

PLC 30 in 10x10 box (current)

PLC-30: 10x10 box

Re-wiring Earliest ZipLoader PLC for RTC Sensors
The two blue boxes in the photo below show where wiring must be done on the earliest panel (PLC 20MR). Closeups of the two areas follow below, with instructions on how to re-wire the sensors.
Earliest PLC Cabinet
The picture below shows the original sensor wires connected at the top terminal strip. The black wires from the old sensors get replaced with brown, and the brown wires get replaced with black. The extra blue wires are all connected to the 24V terminals (see next picture). NOTE: The brown and black wires are reversed: new BROWN wires go to 0V; new BLACK wires go to the X-numbers.

PLC-20 Input Terminals

Picture shows old sensors. With new sensors black goes to X’s, brown to 0V’s

The picture below shows the “+24V” screw-terminal, where the extra blue wires from all sensors must be connected. You can put two wires under each of the two screws.

PLC20 +24V connection

Four blue wires to +24V terminal.

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