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Restore Parameters and Reload Program for Indramat C-Axis

Occasionally an Indramat drive loses the drive parameters and the program. To reload this data, it is necessary to create a special initialization boot disk, and reboot the OmniTurn with this disk installed. Parameters and program are then uploaded from a menu on screen. Complete instructions are available here.

If you have USB Floppy Emulator scroll down. (If you don’t have Floppy Emulator, get one now. In stock!)

To create bootable Indramat Parameter floppy disk:

  1. Download indrinit.exe to your desk-top computer (must have floppy drive capability).
  2. Open indrinit.exe (double-click on it, or right-click on it then click OPEN): A dialog box will open, explaining that Indramat Initialization Disk will be created; click OK
  3. A second box will appear, reminding you to insert floppy in drive A: of your desktop computer.
  4. Put a floppy disk into drive A: of your desktop computer, then click OK to create Indramat Initialization Disk.

To reload parameters and program using floppy disk:

Floppy Emulator: To create bootable Indramat Parameter thumb drive:

  1. Download indrinit.img to your desk-top computer. Drag it to "Images" folder on Desktop. Create new folder if necessary.
  2. Put a blank thumb drive into your Windows computer.
  3. Run USB Floppy Manager. (If not installed, Download and install this software).
  4. Write the indrinit.img file to disk 000 of the thumb drive. (Complete instructions in this pdf.)

To reload parameters and program using Floppy Emulator:

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