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To make System Disk for legacy CNC (GT-75)
Date Code: 052909 (omni2.exe)

Seriously, we recommend you purchase a floppy emulator.
  1. Download SYSGT.EXE to your Hard Drive.
  2. Open sysgt.exe (double-click on it, or right-click on it then click OPEN):
  3. A dialog box will open, explaining that OmniTurn System Disk for GT will be created; click OK
  4. A second box will appear, reminding you to insert floppy in drive A:
  5. Put a floppy disk in drive A: then click OK to create System Disk.
  6. Label the disk "OmniTurn GT System Disk 052909 "

    NOTE: This System Disk is setup to support the LCD monitor which replaced the earlier amber CRT monitor.
    If your CNC has the amber CRT monitor, you must edit the monitor.typ file.
    The file is in the omnislid folder on the floppy disk.
    Open the file in Notepad and change the first line from VGA to MONO if you have the amber CRT monitor.

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