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OmniTurn ZipLoader PLC Faults

Each event is timed, so a fault will occur if there is excess delay caused by a mis-feed or low air pressure.

If a fault occurs, PLC output Y7 is set, which pulls down Spindle Panel TB1-23 (G3 CNC) or Spindle CCA HDR108-1 & HDR104-1. This is ‘soft’ E-Stop: slide cannot be moved, spindle stops, all M-functions are reset and CNC drops out of Auto Mode. PLC Cabinet Reset/Initialize lamp will illuminate, as will Spindle Drive Cabinet Reset lamp, and red stack lamp; servos stay on.

Note: E-Stop or "door open" from CNC will fault PLC, but only if loader is in-cycle or pushing. X14 (door interlock OK) on PLC must be lit to allow operation.

To Reset a Fault

  1. Determine cause of fault.
  2. Press Reset/Initialize switch on PLC Cabinet to reset PLC and retract pusher to Home stop.
  3. Press "A" on CNC to re-enter Auto Mode.

PLC will fault as follows:

PLC will "hang":

In rear qualify mode (M52), if "shot-pin up" sensor does not light. This can happen if clamping band of sensor is loose, and sensor slides down on the cylinder body.

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