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Expanded I/O Cable for G4 Inverter Drive w/PWB

This is the most basic expanded I/O solution for G4 CNC machines with printed wiring board (PWB) in the spindle drive cabinet. PN 995-07-424.

Image of M-Function Y-Cable Installed on OmniTurn G4 CNC

This cable provides the following addtional M‑functions for your OmniTurn:

M17, M21, M23, M27
Suitable for 12VDC relays; sink 100ma

M91/M92, M93/M94
These M-codes stop the program until an input is "on" or "off".
This M-code provides a conditional jump to subroutine.

NOTE: This is a "bare-bones" expanded I/O cable suitable for an OmniTurn with G4 CNC with spindle cabinet printed wiring board. If your spindle drive cabinet has 30-pin terminal strip (pre-2012) this cable setup will not work for you.