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Change the Boot-sequence on TF-486 Motherboard

TF-486 motherboards were used from about 2006 to 2008, and sold as replacements from 2008 until 2010.
To enter CMOS setup, tap the Del key when the "splash" screen appears.
After "entering setup" prompt, the CMOS main screen should appear. The CMOS screens shown are similar to many of the earlier motherboards used. NOTE: Depending on the version of motherboard you have, you may see a warning screen. Press Enter to get past it.

TF-486 "Splash"

TF486 Splash

CMOS Main Screen

TF-486 Main Screen

To change boot-sequence:

Use the down arrow to highlight BIOS FEATURES SETUP, then press enter to open BIOS Features Setup screen. Use down arrow to highlight whatever is opposite "Boot Sequence", then use "+" to cycle through the choices. C: is the internal hard drive and A: is the floppy or floppy emulator. SCSI is not applicable. Press Esc key to return to Main Screen, then press F10 to save CMOS and exit.

CMOS Main Screen

TF-486 Main Screen

BIOS Features Setup Screen

TF-486 BIOS Features Screen
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