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Parts Diverter Chute
Parts Diverter on conveyor in GT-75
The OmniTurn Parts Diverter (893‑01‑300) is a telescoping chute which guides finished parts out of the collet and onto a conveyor.

The assembly mounts to the parts conveyor (499‑39‑100) and can be operated with the standard auxiliary M25 function.

The simple track-loader (793‑39‑101) can be used to auto-load blanks into a spring-loaded collet. The finished parts are ejected into the chute.

A table-mounted cut-off tool can be used, but the other tools must be placed so as to allow clearance for the chute to be extended during part-off cycle.

If the vertical cut-off (693‑39‑101) is used, tools can be placed anywhere on the tooling plate.
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