OmniTurn Eight Position Tool Holder

The 805PFB from OmniTurn has 8 tool positions for 5/8” diameter tools spaced on 1.1” centers, on a 1/2” centerline. The overall length of the bar is only 9-3/4”, leaving 4-1/4” on a 14” Omniturn tooling plate for additional tooling. The bar has a stop-pin on either end of the bar, allowing precise location from either edge of the tooling plate.
The uniquie OmniTurn CNC “Save Offsets” feature allows quick job changeovers. To run another job, remove the bar with all of the tooling. To run the first job again, put the bar with the tooling back on to the tool plate, call up the original job from the Omniturn CNC’s solid state hard drive complete with your original offsets, and begin running the original job. This can be done in minutes, without having to set up the job all over again.

  • Accepts 5/8” diameter tool shanks
  • Locate from the front or back of the tool plate for versatile, accurate changeover.
  • Only 9.75” total length- leaves 4.25” of tool plate for other tools.
  • Guaranteed .0005” accuracy.
  • Fastest job changeover in the industry.
  • Includes “T” nuts and bolts.

Priced at only $225!

8-Position Tool Holder

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