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Install Micrometer Adjustment on ZipLoader

The Micrometer Adjustment (791​-09​-101) was introduced in September, 2019 to facilitate alignment of the 'Vee' when loading parts with diameter less than 1/4 inch. Raise or lower the chassis assembly by turning the upper knob. Lock it in place with the lower knob.

The drawings below illustrate the competed installation and instructions.

Micrometer Adjustment Installed

Image of ZipLoader Micrometer Adjustment Installed
Drill two holes in the chassis assembly to accommodate the bracket. The micrometer assembly mounting screws include nuts, so you can either drill 0.221 through and use the nuts, or drill and tap 10-32.

Micrometer Adjustment Mounting Holes

Image of ZipLoader Micrometer Adjustment Mounting Holes
The assembly attaches to the ZipLoader frame with a tee-nut that is tightened by a cam. Use 6mm hex wrench to tighten. Locate the assembly about 5.82 inches from the end, but do not tighten until the adjustment screw is mounted to the bracket to insure alignment.

Micrometer Adjustment Location (Cutaway)

Image of ZipLoader Micrometer Adjustment Location

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