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G4 CNC Software Update

OmniTurn continuously improves the G4 CNC operating system in response to the needs of our customers; 'bugs' are fixed and features are added. The update procedure is quick and none of your existing programs or tool offsets are affected.
NOTE: If older, fan-type motherboard is replaced with newest fanless motherboard, this software upgrade is required.

OmniTurn G4 CNC To begin, download current.exe   If your G4 control's USB stick has a folder named CURRENT, empty it and copy CURRENT.EXE to it. If there is no such folder, create one and copy CURRENT.EXE to it.
Boot your control with the USB stick installed.
At the "Servos off or Ext. Halt..." prompt, press Ctrl-Q (hold the Ctrl key and press the Q key) to go to DOS prompt. (K:\CNC>)
At the DOS prompt, type D: and Enter to log on to the USB stick.
At the D:> prompt, type CD\CURRENT and Enter to get to the CURRENT folder.
At the D:\CURRENT> prompt, type CURRENT and Enter to extract the update files.
When the D:\CURRENT> prompt returns, type UPDATER then press Enter to install the update.
When the update is complete, as indicated by the return of the D:\CURRENT> prompt, reboot the control.
A revision history file is included in the CURRENT.EXE archive. You can also download it here.

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