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G4 CNC Software Update

OmniTurn continuously improves the G4 CNC operating system in response to the needs of our customers; ’bugs’ are fixed and features are added. The update procedure is quick and none of your existing programs or tool offsets are affected.

The current software version is 11/22/22. To discover what version is installed on your OmniTurn, press Alt-D in Jog Mode. A list of exe files will appear. Note the date of "auto.exe" file.

NOTE: If older, fan-type motherboard is replaced with newest fanless version, this update is required.

OmniTurn G4 CNC
  1. To begin, download UPDATE.ZIP   If your G4 control’s thumb drive has a folder named CURRENT, delete it.
  2. Right-click the UPDATE.ZIP file and select "Extract All". A new folder called UPDATE will be created in the same folder as UPDATE.ZIP. In the UPDATE folder is another folder called CURRENT. Copy this entire CURRENT folder to the control’s thumb drive.
  3. Boot your control with the thumb drive installed.
  4. At the "OmniTurn CNC" splash screen, press Ctrl-C (hold the Ctrl key and press the C key) to go to DOS prompt. (K:\CNC>)
  5. At the DOS prompt, type D: and Enter to log on to the thumb drive.
  6. At the D:> prompt, type CD\CURRENT and Enter to get to the CURRENT folder.
  7. At the D:\CURRENT> prompt, type UPDATER and Enter to install the update.
  8. When the update is complete, as indicated by the return of the D:\CURRENT> prompt, reboot the control.
A revision history file is included in CURRENT.EXE archive. You can download a copy here.

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